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Creating beautiful small business websites
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Powering small business

We believe that you don’t need to be a big business to have a great website.

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from the exposure and credibility that a professionally designed website can offer. It’s all about being smart and taking advantage of the technology, skills and services that are available to bring it within a small business budget.

Blackbox Web Design work with new startups and small/medium sized businesses, to create beautiful, effective and professional websites that focus on value and results.

What We Do

We design, build, host and support websites.

Real people, based in the UK, working to understand what your business needs and delivering something that genuinely adds value.

We can deliver all of the component parts of getting your business online – from registering your website domain and managing all of the required website and email hosting facilities, to design, implementation and ongoing support and maintenance.

For want of a better expression, a one-stop-shop.

How We Do It

We want you to be proud of your website.

To us, that means delivering what you want, with as little hassle for you as possible, at a cost that doesn’t make you wince.

We’ll work with you to understand what your website needs to achieve. We’re always happy to advise, and we certainly don’t expect you to care about the technicalities. We love that stuff, but you don’t need to. We’ll propose a solution that combines clean, contemporary design with the best balance of technology to meet your needs and budget.

Cutting to the chase

Let’s talk pounds and pence

Of course we understand the importance of cost and value, so we try to be as clear as we can from the outset.

Naturally, websites come in all shapes and sizes, and some are significantly more complex than others. In our experience though, whilst the design or ‘look-and-feel’ will be different for every site, the functionality required for most small business sites will fall quite neatly into a small number of categories – for which we can give a guide price here and now.

Option #1: Microsites

The epitome of ‘small but beautifully formed’, microsites are simple in terms of their functionality and structure, and contain just a handful of pages.

The website design is still created uniquely for you, but by keeping things simple we are able to deliver a great looking, effective site for the minimum cost.

Microsites are perfect for those wishing to create their online presence, establish their brand and clearly identify their products and services – but without the complexity of a larger site.

A typical microsite would cost £295 for the design and implementation, and from £7/month to cover web hosting and support.

Option #2: CMS Sites

A ‘CMS’ is a Content Management System, and it is the technical framework that allows larger or more complex websites to be created without significantly increasing cost.

CMS sites can be larger, more dynamic and allow a great deal of flexibility of functionality. The majority of the websites we create fall into this category. Within reason, there is no limit to the number of pages, and we can incorporate a far greater range of functions, such as blogs, forms, photo galleries, events calendars and more. To be clear, it does not include online payments or other e-commerce functionality.

A typical CMS website will cost £549 for the design and implementation, and from £10/month to cover web hosting and support.

Option #3: e-Commerce

E-commerce websites allow your visitors to purchase your goods and services directly via your website.

They are inevitably more complex than the other types of sites, with functionality to handle payment processing via PayPal™ as well as order and delivery management processes. Based on a CMS framework, e-commerce sites can contain all of the functionality included in our CMS package, but with the addition of the shopping cart functionality.

A typical e-Commerce website will cost £849 for the design and implementation, and from £12/month to cover web hosting and support.

Personalised design

Tell us about your business, and how you’d like your website to look and feel. Together, we’ll create something personalised to you.

Mobile & Tablet friendly

All of our sites are designed to look beautiful across a range of devices – desktop computers, tablets & mobiles.

Want to update your own site?

No problem. We’ll set you up with secure access to update your own site via a market leading Content Management System.

Spread the cost

Get your website up and running quickly with the minimum outlay by spreading the cost and paying monthly.

Sell products online?

Cool. Our e-commerce sites allow you to manage your entire sales, order, delivery and payment processes online.

Feel the love

Websites aren’t one-and-done affairs – get personalised support to make living with your website a breeze.