Making your website work for you is an ongoing process – and using Analytics tools is a key way of helping you to understand what your website visitors find useful, and what could be improved.

laptop showing analytics graphsAll of the website packages at Blackbox Web Design give you access to valuable analytics data about traffic to your site – for example:

  • how many visitors your website is getting;
  • how your visitors got to your site (search engines, links, direct etc);
  • what the most popular pages are;
  • how long people spend on the site;
  • what physical locations people look at your site from;
  • what proportion of your visitors look at your site from a mobile or tablet versus desktop computers;
  • and more.

All of this information can help us to understand what’s working well, and where there’s room for improvement. You can even see your analytics data at a glance from your own personal website login.

Analytics is just one of the standard features of all Blackbox Web Design packages. For more information, why not contact us.